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University of Wisconsin–Madison

Welcome to CS300!

I’m very excited to introduce you to the concepts of CS300: Programming II this semester!

We’ll be writing and organizing Java code in an Object-Oriented (OO) style.  We’ll be implementing several common Abstract Data Types (ADTs) using a variety of data structures.  And we’ll compare different implementations using asymptotic complexity analyses.  The concept of “abstraction” will be central to many of our discussions throughout the semester, so here’s a comic from to get those discussions started:

Getting Started Checklist

  1. zyBook Registration ($78 for new users, $39 for returning users of Java zyBooks)
  2. TopHat Registration ($16/$20/$54 for semester/year/lifetime subscription)
  3. Activate your Piazza Account
  4. Activate your CS Account
  5. Review Exam Times, and possibly Request Alternate(s)
  6. Review the Course Syllabus
  7. Install Eclipse and Java8