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University of Wisconsin–Madison

Welcome to CS300!

We are very excited to introduce you to the concepts of CS300: Programming II this semester!

We’ll be writing and organizing Java code in an Object-Oriented (OO) style.  We’ll be implementing several common Abstract Data Types (ADTs) using a variety of data structures.  And we’ll compare different implementations using asymptotic complexity analyses.  The concept of “abstraction” will be central to many of our discussions throughout the semester, so here’s a comic from to get those discussions started:

Getting Started Checklist

  1. zyBook Registration ($88 for new users, $53.50 for returning users of Java zyBooks)
  2. Activate your Piazza Account
  3. Activate your CS Account
  4. Review Exam Times, and possibly Request Alternate(s)
  5. Review the Course Syllabus
  6. Install Eclipse and Java8